Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Craft fairs

Does anyone have any info regarding craft shows? I am interested in what you know about set up, cost, how to find them, what are the best kind to set up a booth at.

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  1. I have only done small shows and not spent more than $60 on a show. Set-up varies show-to-show depending on the organizers. Some have carts for you to use, some already have tables for you to use, some require you to bring your own table or ask you to pay an extra fee to borrow one. It's best to find a show that you think has your target audience in attendance. That is, don't go to a craft show at a church and expect to sell a lot of skull or death themed items! Similarly, don't bring "old fashioned" crafts like pot-holders to a college campus unless you are specifically targeting young people.
    The best way to find them is to search pennysavers, news station community calendars, and by google searching craft shows along with a town name. is a good place to look, but unless you pay to join, or submit feedback to a show, you can only see listings one month in advance (which is usually past the registration deadline).